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Accessing Harlan Databases

Citations & Works Cited Page

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How to Create an MLA style paper

using Google Docs, templates and EasyBib Add-On

MLA vs. APA Style

Evaluating Sources

Scholarly Articles


The Purdue Online Writing Lab, or “OWL” for short, is an online writing resource and instructional guide for students. Purdue OWL primarily helps with teaching specific formatting for each type of writing with guides on how set up your page, and proper citation format, but also offers help in writing for essays, citations, job search writing, English as a second language writing, writing in literature, and many other fields. 


Books and eBooks

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Brian Rich started out in the games industry at LucasArts Entertainment where he worked on the games Full Throttle and Afterlife. From there he transitioned into the animation industry and worked on the Rugrats movies and contributed to some of the other early Nickelodeon cartoons at the Kllasky-Csupo animation studio.

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Primary and Secondary Sources

Research Models


  • Build background knowledge

  • Connect to content

  • Discover interesting ideas


  • Explore interesting ideas

  • Look around

  • Dip in


  • Pause and ponder

  • Identify inquiry question

  • Decide direction


  • Gather important information

  • Go broad

  • Go deep


  • Reflect on learning

  • Go beyond facts to make meaning

  • Create to communicate


  • Learn from one another

  • Share learning

  • Tell your story


  • Evaluate achievement of learning goals

  • Reflect on content

  • Reflect on process


  • Invitation to inquiry

  • Open minds

  • Stimulate curiosity

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